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80G and 12 A certificate

Are you leading a non-profit organization committed to making a positive impact on society? Securing 80G and 12A certifications can provide your organization with significant tax benefits and enhance your ability to attract donations. Let’s explore these certifications and their implications for non-profit entities in India.

What are 80G and 12A Certifications?

  1. 80G Certification:
    • The 80G certification, issued under the Income Tax Act, 1961, allows donors to claim tax deductions on donations made to eligible non-profit organizations.
    • Donors who contribute to organizations with 80G certification can avail tax benefits by deducting the donated amount from their taxable income.
    • This certification encourages individuals and businesses to support charitable causes by making donations and enables non-profit organizations to mobilize resources more effectively.
  2. 12A Certification:
    • The 12A certification grants exemption to non-profit organizations from paying income tax on their surplus income.
    • Organizations holding 12A certification are not liable to pay income tax on donations received, grants received, or income generated from activities related to their charitable objectives.
    • This certification promotes the sustainability of non-profit organizations by ensuring that funds received are utilized for advancing their mission rather than being subjected to tax liabilities.

Benefits of Using 80G and 12 A certificate Services

  1. Attracting Donations: Non-profit organizations with 80G and 12A certifications are more attractive to potential donors, as donations made to them are eligible for tax deductions. This incentivizes individuals and businesses to contribute to charitable causes and increases fundraising opportunities for organizations.

  2. Tax Savings for Donors: Donors benefit from tax savings by claiming deductions on donations made to organizations with 80G certification. This encourages philanthropy and promotes a culture of giving within society.

  3. Financial Sustainability: Obtaining 80G and 12A certifications enhances the financial sustainability of non-profit organizations by reducing their tax burden and expanding their donor base. Organizations can allocate more resources towards their programs and initiatives, thereby amplifying their impact.

  4. Enhanced Credibility: Holding 80G and 12A certifications enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of non-profit organizations in the eyes of donors, stakeholders, and the general public. Certifications signify adherence to regulatory standards and transparent utilization of funds, instilling confidence in supporters.

Process of Obtaining 80G and 12A Certifications:

  1. Eligibility Check: Non-profit organizations must meet certain criteria, including having charitable objectives and maintaining proper financial records, to qualify for 80G and 12A certifications.

  2. Application Submission: Organizations seeking 80G and 12A certifications must submit applications to the Income Tax Department along with relevant documents, including audited financial statements, memorandum of association, and activities report.

  3. Evaluation and Approval: The Income Tax Department evaluates the application and verifies the organization’s eligibility for certification. Upon satisfying all requirements, the certifications are granted, and the organization is issued 80G and 12A certificates.

  4. Renewal and Compliance: Certifications are typically valid for a specified period and may require renewal to maintain validity. Organizations must comply with reporting and compliance requirements to retain their certifications and continue availing tax benefits.

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