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Society Registration

With our Society Registration plan, we provide end-to-end support to establish a non-profit society. From documentation to administrative tasks, we streamline the process, allowing you to focus on making a positive difference.
Our Society Registration service facilitates the formation of non-profit organizations with a strong social vision. We guide you through the entire registration process, ensuring compliance with legal norms and empowering your mission.

Benefits of Using Society Registration Services

  1. Legal Recognition:
    • Obtain official recognition for your non-profit society.
    • Enhance credibility and trust among stakeholders.
  2. Social Impact Amplification:
    • Strengthen your organization’s mission and vision.
    • Create a positive impact on society at large.
  3. Fundraising Opportunities:
    • Unlock avenues for receiving grants and donations.
    • Mobilize resources to support your initiatives.
  4. Tax Exemptions:
    • Enjoy tax benefits and exemptions for charitable activities.
    • Maximize funds for your social causes.
  5. Limited Liability:
    • Shield members and office bearers from personal liability.
    • Ensure protection for your team’s dedicated efforts.
  6. Ease of Administration:
    • Simplified regulatory and compliance procedures.
    • Focus on your core activities without unnecessary red tape.
  7. Networking and Collaboration:
    • Join a network of like-minded organizations and donors.
    • Facilitate collaboration for greater impact.

Documents needed for Society Registration

  1. Memorandum of Association (MOA):
    • Outlines the objectives and goals of the society.
  2. Articles of Association (AOA):
    • Defines the rules and regulations governing the society’s operations.
  3. List of Members:
    • Names, addresses, and occupations of governing body members.
  4. Registered Office Address Proof:
    • Document validating the society’s registered address.
  5. Affidavits and Declarations:
    • Affidavits affirming non-association with banned organizations or political parties.
  6. No Objection Certificate (NOC):
    • NOC from the landlord or property owner (if the registered office is not owned).
  7. PAN Card and Identity Proof:
    • PAN cards and identity proofs of governing body members.

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